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Voice Search is one of the fastest-growing trends within SEO

and  internet marketing right now and if you  are not optimizing your online presence  for voice search you will be hurting in  six 12 or 18 months trust me you have to  get things in place with your internet  marketing and

I’m going to explain in this blog what those things are to be prepared for voice search so there are specific things you can do to make it so that your business is much more likely to show up first when people do a local voice search via SEO so

I’m going to  explain that in this video so in 2020  50% of searches will be done by voice  search another one I’ve to note sunny or  somebody looking down 40% of adults are  going to be doing at least one search by  voice per day mobile voice searches is  another one mobile voice searches

which all voice searches are except for Alexa three times more likely to be location-based meaning there are three times more likely when someone does a  voice search to be looking for a local  service business a business that serves  a local market this ties directly into  Google’s most recent algorithm update  Bert okay Bert is an attempt for Google

to find a way to pick up search terms  that are a little less clear because as  voice keeps growing exponentially and  people start using voice to make  searches on their phones people are  going to be mispronouncing things are  going to be miss placing words when  human beings talk it’s way less  organized than when human beings write  and can delete things before they press  Enter duh Google is preparing for that  with Bert and voice search ties directly  into Bert

Google’s latest algorithm  update so  there are two command types regarding  voice search command type number one is  a voice search I’m sorry it’s called a  voice actor and then we have voice  search okay  searches right so voice Actions is hey  Google find me a personal injury lawyer  in Philadelphia

find me a florist in  Philadelphia find me a or call an X or  another action example is call my  contact call my contact Brian to call my  contact Joe so that’s what’s called a  voice actor, okay voice search is more  of like a how-to search when you go hey  Google if you have an Android you’d say  hey Google

if you have an iPhone you say  hey Siri right because they have  different communication platforms so a  voice action is where you want to be  showing up if you’re a local business  and you want to dominate your city for  voice search you need to be vigilantly  focused on voice actions and showing up  first for voice actions okay it’s very  interesting I did a couple examples on  this and you can do it yourself  tests on this I typed it I did hey

Google find me a personal injury lawyer  in Philadelphia okay I said hey Google  find me a car accident lawyer in  Philadelphia and I said and then I said  hey Google what do I do when I’m in a  car accident right and I wanted to see  does

Google label that as an action a  voice action or a voice search and it  treated it as an action it gave me a  list of personal injury lawyers in  Philadelphia that had the word car  accident lawyer in their map profile so  I’m going to show you I’m going to explain  to you in this blog

how to get ready  for voice search so that you can show up  first when someone in your market says  whatever service it is that you provide  I need to make sure you’re showing up  for these searches this is vitally  important okay so we have a voice actor and then

we have a voice search like I said as a how-to you know an example would be what do I do hey Google what do I do in a water pipe breaks in my house I was seeing wood plumbers show up for a search like this or would an article show up and articles showed up for that so there’s a grey area between

what is a  voice action meaning

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

when you’re looking  for something versus a voice search  which is like a Hal to search right so  for location-specific voice actions how  can you get your map profile you should  do this right now you should pause the  video and you should say if you have an  iPhone you should say hey Siri and then  search for your type of business and see  where you show up and see what happens  usually it integrates with Safari if

you’re using an iPhone if you have an Android say okay Google tell me or you can say hey Google I think it picks that up as well say ok Google find me a  and then search for the specific service  that you provide and see who shows up  and how it works and you’ll see what I’m  saying here so for location-specific  voice Actions these are

potential  clients in your market who are looking  for you and the service you provide ok  there are pretty much there’s no way  around getting your map profile set up  properly that is the most important  thing to do which I’ll explain  so

Apple devices ok if these iPhone  users are going to be saying hey Siri  and the results that you see the map  results that you see pull from Yelp Bing  and Apple Maps doesn’t pull from Google  my business  iPhones ok you can do this yourself  again does not pull from Google my  business it pulls from Yelp Bing and  Apple Maps Android devices, ok the  Samsung Galaxy is the most popular you  know if you have an Android you go ok  Google find me a

let’s use personal  injury law  in Philadelphia as an example right that  taps into your Google my business  profile now that’s only one tiny present  of the market right I mean not tiny it’s  a pretty big Samsung galaxy and the  Android phones are pretty popular but not  as popular as iPhone right so if you  just do Google my business optimization  you’re not going to be showing up as  well for the iPhone searches for voice  and then lastly we have


which also ties into the Microsoft portal but the  dot you know people have the little dots  in their house or I say Alexa find Mia  and that ties into Alexis skills but for  local business searches it taps into  Yelp and Bing so the short term solution  here for you to be prepared for voice  search is pretty simple you have to deck  out four of your

online profiles with four things okay the four on four okay you have to have photos reviews the  proper keywords and the right category  on all of your profiles across the web the four most important profiles are Yelp  Google my business Bing Maps and Apple  Maps if you get these four profiles set  up with photos the right keywords good

reviews consistent reviews and the right category for your business that you want to rank for your chances of ranking and voice search right there just by doing that just by taking the time to optimize these four profiles your Yelp Google my business Bing Maps and Apple Maps profiles just by doing that you will be ahead of 99% of your local competition

most people just focus on Google Maps  when it comes to voice search but as  this starts picking up steam you’re  going to have to focus more on other  sources like your Apple map and these  are simple things to do right your  Google my business you’re going to access  that at business and then you  should have a map listing there  and that’s where you do your  optimization there if you are looking to  optimize your Bing Maps all you do is  you go to Bing Maps portal commas and you  update your Bing Maps with the same

content in your Google Maps just cut and paste doesn’t have to be any anything different there’s no duplicate content  with a map profile and then finally  Apple Maps you access it at maps connect very simple now for Yelp this  is different write Yelp is not the same  as a search engine map profile you want  to be you know

filling out your entire  Yelp profile I mean everything hours of  operation  products services prices I mean every  category that they have you want to be  filling out on your Yelp profile now if  your Yelp profile sucks and you have  terrible reviews on it then maybe you  don’t want to optimize your Yelp profile  so that instead of the iPhone pulling  from your Yelp it’ll pull from your Bing  or Apple maps because the Yelp won’t be  as

present but usually it pulls from Yelp most times not all the time so  obviously if you deck out your  map profiles with the right keywords now  keyword intentionality is important  here when you’re decking out the map  profiles you need to make sure so for  example when I said hey Siri find me a  car accident lawyer and

I said hey Siri  find me a personal injury lawyer two  completely different results showed up  you should try this yourself on your  phone say you know hey Siri or Okay  Google find me an X and then try  different variations of keywords and you  should see that the car accident like as  an example if you use car accident  personal injury as two different keyword  examples you get different results  because a lot of people aren’t optimized

for all these different keyword  variations so that is a very high-value task as having a keyword and a keyword  strategy for all of your online profiles  so you know where your highest value  keywords are what your high traffic  keywords are what your low traffic high-value keywords are and that you  strategically put them into your map  profiles online  so that you rank for the right voice  actions okay so like we said there’s two  command

types voice actions and then  voice searches okay now for voice search  and voice actions domain  authority and content quality is going  to still matter right if you have a low  authority website the chances of you  ranking is going to be lower than a high  authority website with tons of you know  backlinks and credibility in the market  so you can’t abandon domain authority  and you can’t abandon quality content  with the right keywords right so let’s  transition the conversation from voice  Actions which is people looking to

choose a local business to voice search  which is more of like the how-to  searches hey Siri I did this as an  example what should I do when a  water pipe bursts in my house I did that  as an example you can try this too and  you’ll see for me it didn’t show a map  result from it

showed a how-to article on  what to do in your pipe burst now the  interesting thing is for me it showed a  plumbing a plumber in Seattle I’m in  Philadelphia so this immediately tells  me that there’s almost no competition  for these how-to phrases on Google Maps  and the reason is this the way that you  rank for voice search for people saying  hey

Google tell me how do I what should  I do when a pipe bursts in my house is Q  and a question and answer right whenever  you do how-to searches on Google you’ll  see a featured snippet shows up and then  beneath that there’s like different

FAQ questions right if you can search right now how to you know how to do X Y or Z how to learn X Y or Z skill you’ll see these little FAQ show up and sometimes a featured snippet well voice search is the equivalent of featured snippets so to get a featured snippet to show up very

simple principles here it’s QA you need  Q& A sections on your website with clear  headlines of what the question is and  4250 word long answers you can go a  little over fifty it’s not like  make-or-break forty to fifty word  answers quick explanations are usually  the best answers, okay so so the best  questions to start with when you’re  doing when you’re trying to optimize for  voice search is how does how to what is  and what do

I do when and how do there are variations and you can verify this in the keyword planner to  see what people are typing in your  market but if you just create little  snippets little FAQ snippets on your  website and then someone in your market  goes hey what do I do when my pipes  burst in my house and you’re a plumber

 and you have a Q&A section on your  website that answers the exact question  they just asked uh you’re probably going to  rank because most of your competitors  don’t have granular broken down Q&A  sections on your website on their

websites with clear questions and different keywords in each question so that is how to get your business to show up first for voice search I know this is a lot of information if you play this  slowly and rematch it I can assure you  will take away some big gems if  you’re looking for someone to optimize  all of your online map profiles to get

prepared for voice search then go to  and submit your information  that’s something that we are quite  skilled at so I’d love to help you with  that otherwise just deck out these four  profiles with photos reviews keyword  intentional content and the proper  category for your business and you will

see massive success from voice search  but don’t forget don’t eliminate domain  Authority and producing quality content  this is going to allow you to dominate  voice search and be one of the first  movers in your market  or local voice search so I hope you  found this blog valuable and  you will stay ahead of the trends and  get way more business through your  online presence thank you